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North Lake, New Brunswick, Connections Oct 2015

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What started out 40 years ago as a simple task of tracing my lineage back through my great-great-ever-so-great grandparents, William and Ruth Boone (who decided they had taken enough crap from their fellow citizens of Rhode Island and came to NB in 1783) gradually evolved into a more complex project. Tracking one's roots is like eating peanuts: always pursuing new sources and searching out new ones. To a small degree, it evolved into an unfinished history of North Lake.

In the process, I have been fortunate to have valuable contributions from many people, some of whom are featured in the menu links on left.

The database is updated to July, 2015, with the addition of new names, dates, etc., gleaned from Census, Vital Statistics, and other sources. An increase of 1000 names to 11,545. As always, where our data differs, try another source to verify. Enumerators and vital statistic recorders were notorious for poor spelling and hand writing.

Bill Boone, Florenceville, NB

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